Golden Mirrors Arts Norway is a practical-theoretical artist network consisting of a blog and a production company founded by Deise Nunes in Oslo in 2017. 

Editor: Deise Nunes

Contributor: Grace Tabea Tenga

Deise Nunes - editor

Born in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, in 1974, I grew up in the small village of Jaguarão, by the border between Brazil and Uruguay, where I early became a part of the great public performances during carnival. This experience is my earliest reference of artistic expression on all levels, and it was during those childhood years I discovered my passion for dance and traditional performance. In the mid-1980's, my family moved to Pelotas, a larger city in the same region, where I later on took a technical education in Electro Engineering.

I never became an engineer, and in 1999 I moved to Norway, where I decided to pursue my dream of working in the arts.

After a short experience as a samba dancer, I started freelancing as a performer, while pursuing  studies in literature, theatre and performance in 2004 at the University of Oslo. From 2006 to 2011 I engaged in practical apprenticeship at Odin teatret in Holstebro, Denmark. In 2010 I co-founded the artist collective ACTS laboratory for performance practices, alongside performers Fernanda Branco and Luanda Carneiro Jacoel.

In 2011 I graduated as a Master of Philosophy in Aesthetic Studies with the thesis The Dances of the Orixás: From Sacred Ritual to Performer's Dramaturgy, and have since worked in the theatre field in Norway as a performer, producer, dramaturge, teacher, concept developer and critic.

See my profile on Academia.edu.

Grace Tabea Tenga - contributor

Grace is 24 years old and holds a BA in Gender Studies from the University of Oslo, where she also studies Psychology. A dancer at the Norwegian Africanist company Tabanka Dance Ensemble, she is interested in pan-Africanism, feminism and intersectionality and wants to include and lift up the marginalised and overlooked participants of the arts field.


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