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Meet Golden Mirrors

17 Feb 2018


After a five-year long break from independent creative work, I am now back in the game with a new project: Golden Mirrors Arts Norway.


Golden Mirrors is a practical-theoretical, global artist network consisting of a blog and a production company. It is the child of my rebel desire to see more female artists of African descent in all our diversity getting visibility in the independent field in Norway, Northern Europe and Latin America. This geographical delimitation is neither strict nor exhaustive, though. It's rather a geo-political point of departure connected to my origins, deepest experiences and references as a woman from the African diaspora.


Golden Mirrors is also the result of a personal process going on for years, where Black feminist thinkers from around the world have gained increasingly more space in my universe and nurtured my urge to contribute to art theory from that perspective.


Finally, Golden Mirrors is the concretisation of my own artistic vision taking the form of a conceptual art project company focusing primarily in cross- field collaborations where Black females are the leading creative source.


As the art theoretical arm of Golden Mirrors, this blog has a multilingual character: most of the articles will be written in Norwegian, English and Portuguese, in order to reach as broadly as possible and continuously to enlarge this network.


Here I will be publishing writings about the artistry of Black females and sheding light into philosophical thoughts that claim spaces historically denied to those artists. 


Does it sound like a huge and ambitious task? It is. But I am most definitely not alone.


Meet Golden Mirrors.




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