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Marielle Franco's article features the New Left Review

23 May 2018



In the painful days that followed the assassination of Rio councilwoman Marielle Franco, I started translating her article "‘A Emergência da Vida para Superar o Anestesiamento Social frente à Retirada de Direitos: O Momento Pós-Golpe pelo Olhar de uma Feminista, Negra e Favelada" into English. The writing was originally published in the essay anthology Tem saída? Ensaios Críticos Sobre o Brasil, organised by the brilliant team of intellectuals Winnie Bueno, Rosana Pinheiro-Machado, Esther Solano and Joanna Burigo. It was Joanna who, with great sensitivity and sense of excellence, took the first translated version to the hands of two über language experts, Katrina Dodsonand Jamille Pinheiro Dias. The final translation of the article, entitled "After the Take-Over: Mobilizing the political creativity of Brazil's favelas" was recently published by the New Left Review. I am humbled by seeing my name associated with Marielle and all these experts. I hope that her legacy will live on and continue to inspire and enlighten us. #MariellePresente #MarielleVive


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