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Kalunga Extended, our first production

29 Aug 2019


Kalunga Extended is the third part of a performance trilogy developed by Luanda Carneiro Jacoel through nearly a decade of research. The two first parts, Kalunga Unspoken and Kalunga Entities, have been presented in Oslo, Malmö, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Lagos. 


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Kalunga Extended is a meeting point for an interdisciplinary perspective: performance meets rituals and avant-garde, linking elements of visual art, dance, text, music and social themes such as cultural background and post-colonialism. The performance creates a dialogue and dramaturgy with a strong relevance between body, history, space and time.


The series is inspired by the symbolism of the word "Kalunga", present in the Bakongo Cosmogram (Dikenga). “Kalunga” is a word from the Bantu languages (an ethnolinguistic group located mainly in sub-Saharan Africa) which means the sea, as well as the burial grounds. The Bakongo Cosmogram is a representation of a life path through the material and spiritual worlds – similar to the cycle of the sun as we experience it from Earth. The cosmogram is present in many Afro-Brazilian traditions and is incorporated as a cosmovision in those traditions.


The performance concept seeks the meaning of “Kalunga” in our days, in relation to the history of transatlantic slavery and the Afrodiaspora resulting from the journeys across the sea. It is a new path inside the traces, the legacy of memory and the archives of this cosmovision that is still alive, despite the silence around its origins. It is a claim to update our body – memory, that have been carrying those archives and expressing them in culture, symbols and ways of living, as a form of resistance and survival.



The artists involved in Kalunga Extended, each have our history in light of belonging to an Afrodiasporic context. The crimes committed in the name of the European colonial adventure and progress are inseparable from our own family histories. The Kalunga - the sea - has always separated us from our deepest roots.


The ensemble

Luanda Carneiro Jacoel's (BR/NO) dance and movement background come from widely different traditions, from the conceptual art academic studies Communication in Performing Arts (PUC Sao Paulo) through contemporary dance and somatic studies to Afro-Brazilian forms. With her practice, she wants to explore paradigms by using folk traditions in a contemporary dance context. Luanda wants to avoid stereotypes related to folk dances, rather to discover the exciting possibilities that lie in the abstraction of codified dance forms. The Kalunga Series arises from a continuous research process started in 2009 with the performance Travessia (Crossing).


Temi Odumosu (NG/UK) is an art historian, creative educator and researcher, currently working as a senior lecturer at the Malmö University. Temi is our visuals creator in Kalunga: Extended. She will contribute photographs and projections that enlighten the historical context of the project, using some of her experience with the Living Archive Project, in which she developed alternative approaches to representing colonial archival material.


Ben LaMar Gay (US) is a musician born and raised in Chicago's South Side and will perform in Norway for the very first time in Kalunga Extended. An innovative cornettist who also plays other instruments and engages in story telling, Ben moves components of sound, color and space through folkloric filters to produce electroacoustic collages. He is considered one of the city's most adventurous and boundary-pushing performers with a sound that touches upon avant-garde jazz, hip-hop, indie rock, Brazilian traditions, and experimental electronic composition.


Kiyoshi Yamamoto (JP/BR/NO) is a visual artist and textile designer. Kiyoshi is the costume and object designer for Kalunga Extended. He received his Master's degree in art from the Bergen Academy of the Arts in 2013 and has studied at the London College of Fashion and the School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro. Yamamoto has for many years been inspired and influenced by the artist and textile designer Anni Albers, according to whom the creative work involves listening to what the material wants to become.


The renowned choreographer Mia Habib (NO) is our external eye, giving advice when it comes to movement and composition.


Deise Nunes/Golden Mirrors Arts is in charge of the project development, dramaturgy and production.


The technical support is provided by Studio Industries.


The performance will be shown at the crypt under Jakob Kirke at Hausmanns gate 14, Oslo. Appropriate for youth (15y), adults and seniors.




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